Preview of WordCamp Miami 2017

With our early bird tickets sold out, regular tickets will be on sale in a few days. In the meantime, we want to tell you about some changes to the WordCamp Miami lineup, workshops, and some other cool things.

Our Focus This Year

This is the 9th year of WordCamp Miami, but we are still experimenting with new formats, tracks and lineups. Here are some previews:

  • We will be adding an “ask the expert” session into each morning and afternoon track on Saturday, March 25th. These six tracks will be about 20 minutes in length and will allow attendees to ask basically any question they want to a guest or guests. Think of this as a mini “town hall”. For example, we will have someone in an “ask the expert” session that specializes in WordPress security.
  • We have three workshops this year: WordPress beginner’s workshop, BuddyCamp/REST API workshop, and our freelancer’s workshop. All workshops will be held March 24th. Specific schedules and location information for these events will be available later next week.
  • For developers, the second year of the Learn JavaScript Deeply track will be on Sunday, March 26th.

We have several “focuses” this year in our main weekend schedule:

  • Customizing/Extending WordPress
  • Ecommerce
  • JavaScript
  • Looking At WordPress From “Outside The Bubble” (Joomla, Drupal, etc.)
  • Mental Health
  • Content / Content Marketing
  • Building a better business (from freelancers to agencies)
  • Kids and Youths: Talks and Panels along with activities both Saturday and Sunday

We will be selling tickets and announcing our first wave of speakers NEXT WEEK.

More information will start pouring in now, so make sure you are following us on Twitter, in Slack, or on our mailing list.

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