WordCamp Miami 2017 Organizers

Rick Tuttle

Rick Tuttle is a web developer, a supporter of the local tech community as an organizer and speaker at WordCamp Miami and other local meetups, and is a musician and an aspiring fiction author. Follow @ricktuttle and BeHumblyAwesome.com.

Jean Felisme

I am an Entrepreneur, Speaker, WordPress Designer and Developer. I am the founder of [ jeanfelisme.com | @jfeliweb ]

Erik Gonzalez

Founder of Miami Web Company. Custom WordPress developer since its early release, over 10 years. Web app development, SEO, CRO, SEM, SMM, and Email Marketing. https://miamiwebcompany.com

Efrain Rivera

Freelance WordPress Front-end developer. I’ve been involved in WP for the last 3 yrs. Learning new things every day and giving back by volunteering at WordCamps in Miami and Orlando.

Jim Wells

Social media marketer for non-profits and WordPress newbie looking for opportunities to learn while doing. [ Twitter: @jim_wells2 ]

Ptah “Pirate” Dunbar

Open source hacker, full stack web developer and curious learner of ALL THE THINGS! [ptahdunbar.com | @ptahdunbar]

Brittany Allen

Our sponsor coordinator, Brittany Allen is an aspiring web designer and a creative thinker with 15 years of experience in public relations, communications and marketing. Brittany is also a former ballerina with theatrical experience. Connect with Brittany on LinkedIn.

Melanie Kafka

Software engineer with a burgeoning WordPress habit. Navy veteran, mother of tiny hooligans, and student of life.

Patrick Alexander

Entrepreneur,  System Administrator, Software Engineer,  Web Developer,  WordPress Enthusiast, and founder of All-In-One WP solution WPBICO. [ wpbico.com | @balambi ]

Valerie Pierce

Freelance Marketing: cold calls, promotions, events,follower engagement

Cafecíto Wapuu

Our very own WordCamp Miami mascot is named Cafecito Wapuu after the Cuban coffee shots that seem to be part of his biology. Cafecito Wapuu is an expert in the local Miami dialect and seeks to educate all visitors to our wonderfully diverse South Florida community. Follow him on Twitter @cafecitowapuu and cafecitowapuu on Instagram. Dále! For real bro.

Jesse Velez

Jesse Velez has over 15 years experience designing, coding and leading development web teams. In his spare time he enjoys playing rpg’s like StarCraft 2 (and Minecraft) to keep his brain fresh; and developing plugins for non-profits to better help manage people resources.

David Bisset

David is a freelancer developer living in South Florida, and works for a company called Awesome Motive. He’s a WordPress developer and specializes in BuddyPress sites/applications along with stand-alone PHP work. Also a speaker, meetup organizer, conference organizer, and father of three. [davidbisset.com | @dimensionmedia]