Lessons From Marketing Disasters

If you are a theme / plugin business owner trying to promote your product – presumably, you’ve had your share of ups and downs. With over 12 WordPress Themes and Plugins stores, Shilpa & team have tasted success as well as a reasonable amount of failure with their marketing efforts.
This session will focus on what worked for them and what didn’t – mistakes, that others would do well to avoid.

Email Marketing is tricky at best but what works very well for most organizations. But sending far too many emails , too few emails, poor messaging can shrink your email list faster than you are building it. This talk will share tips to help you come up with the right strategy for your business.

A skewed understanding of who your customer is can be disastrous – and building a product for someone you don’t really know, even more so. Besides nudging you to do some serious introspection, the other areas this session will cover are – articulating your product offering clearly, getting your sales pitch right, optimizing on your conversion rate.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned marketer or simply thinking of launching your own product, this interactive session, peppered with real-life examples, will give you enough food for thought.