Wapuu Slack Bot

Introducing our very own Wapuu Bot beta

WordCamp Miami’s official slack bot is @wapuu. @wapuu uses Slack’s API to respond to messages when his name is mentioned and also listens in on the public channel for certain important phrases like different kinds of coffee.

@wapuu is a Node/Express Javascript app which uses the botkit framework by Howdy.ai as well as a natural language processing AI services provided by Microsoft Cognitive Services called LUIS.ai. WordCamp Miami sessions, speakers and sponsors are pulled from the website using the WordPress REST API.

Here are some helpful and not so helpful things that @wapuu can do.

Unless otherwise noted you need to mention @wapuu in your message in order to get a response. But under some circumstances @wapuu will just respond to public messages.

Find out what’s coming up on the schedule

@wapuu what’s up next
@wapuu what’s coming up
@wapuu what’s next on the schedule
@wapuu next session

Find a speaker

@wapuu find [speaker name]
@wapuu find speaker [speaker name]


@wapuu find Matt Mullenweg
@wapuu find matt
@wapuu find speaker mullenweg


(these should also work without mentioning @wapuu)
@wapuu when’s breakfast
@wapuu what’s for lunch
@wapuu is there breakfast tomorrow

Get a map of the venue

@wapuu show me a map
@wapuu venue
@wapuu is there a map

Not as helpful but maybe fun?

Mention coffee, cafecito, cafe con leche, etc.

just try it, mention:

cafe con leche

Say hi to @wapuu and get various Miami-speak greetings

hola @wapuu
wazzup @wapuu
hey @wapuu

Mention “miami” and get a Miami-speak word lesson

Mention “awesome” or “amazing” and get some info on one of our Gold sponsors

Plus other goodies