WCMIA Slack Channel

Joining and using Slack is super easy.

1. Go to this page and enter your email address to join our Slack Channel https://wordcampmiami2017.signup.team/

2. Check your email for a confirmation from Slack. (It will say David Bisset has invited you. It’s ok, you can trust David Bisset.)

3. Click the big green “Join Now” button in that email.

4. Enter your name and username (username is important, it is what most people will see, like your twitter handle)

5. Enter your password and make sure it is one you will remember.

6. Agree to the Slack terms of service (only if you agree of course).

7. BAM! You are now in slack. You can choose to take the tour to learn more when you see the welcome page.

8. Use Slack in the app of your choice. You can use the web, Mac app, Windows app, iOS app (iPhone, iPad), Android, whatevs. Download the app

When you download the app, you’ll need your email and password you used to register and if asked reference our slack team:


Once you are in, learn how to use our very own @wapuu bot here!